COVID-19 Related Information

At Paulridge Berry Farm, our main priority is keeping our staff and customers safe. With recommendations from Health Canada and the Berry Growers of Ontario we have designed new procedures to help maintain physical distancing for everyone’s safety.

We ask that before visiting the farm, everyone visit and do a self assessment. 

To minimize handling of your berries, we will not weigh products.  We will be charging by volume.  You may still use your own baskets or measured containers, but only if they are clearly marked with their capacity. New baskets are available to purchase at the farm for $1. 

We have other new practices in place. Staff will assist you so that you are aware of where you can safely walk, pick, enter and exit safely.  Please read and obey the signs.  If you wish to avoid large groups of people, we encourage you to consider picking during the afternoon or evenings. We are generally less busy at those times, and it will be easier to maintain distances and avoid having to wait to enter or exit.

We have two hand washing stations and several hand sanitizer stations available for customers to use. The washing stations will be at the entrance to the walkways from the parking lot. Sanitizer stations are near the check out areas.

Tractor Wagons: We will be running up to four wagons this year to assist with social distancing and customer flow management.  Please use them when asked.  Of course, walking to the field is a great way to keep at a distance of other pickers, but be sure to ask our staff directions before you head out.

Picking your berries: A staff member will show you where to pick and how to enter and exit the strawberry patch. Please do not switch rows or areas while picking. Please keep children with you at all times. 

Paying for berries: We will accept debit and cash for payment. We will sanitize hands and equipment between payments.

Washroom facilities: If you need to use the washroom, we have outhouses for customer use with sanitizing products inside.  

Playground/Picnic Areas: Unfortunately we are not able to offer our playgrounds this year. 

Masks/Gloves: We try to keep garbage to a minimum at the farm. If you do wear/bring a disposable mask or gloves, please ensure that you dispose of them properly by placing it in a sealed bag with your own belongings and taking it home. 

Ready Picked Strawberries: We will have a clearly marked area in the parking lot for sales of ready picked strawberries during peak hours. Due to demand, at this time, we will not be taking orders.