Hours, Prices and General Info

Strawberry Hours of Operation
Mon – Fri 8-8
Sat 8-4
Sun Closed
Raspberry Hours of Operation
Mon – Sat 8-4

The farm’s gate opens at 8:00am when the crops are in season. We are usually open until 8:00pm during strawberry season, and noon during raspberry season, when picking conditions allow.   Please check the Picking Conditions page for today’s update.  We are open six days a week, and always closed on Sundays.

We operate  primarily on a pick-your-own basis, but usually have a few picked baskets available for purchase.  We also offer cool drinks.  We prefer debit card payments due to Covid-19.

For 2020, we will be charging by volume, not weight as before. This will reduce any handling on our part, in accordance with COVID-19 mandates.   The strawberry price is $3.00 per litre, pick your own.  Raspberries are $4.50 per litre. 

You may bring your own containers to pick into so long as they are clearly marked for volume.   You can purchase baskets from us, $1.00 per large basket, or 25 cents per one litre container.

Pre-picked raspberries are $8.50 per litre, by order only.  Please call 613-354-9127 to place your order.

During strawberry season, you will park in a flat-rock parking lot, then will arrive at the check-in station after a very short downhill walk.  After checking in, we will direct you to what part of the farm we are picking on that day.  You may be invited on a wagon ride to the picking area, or it may be close enough to walk.  The wagon will return to collect you and your plentiful berries once you are through.  We have lots of help for any lifting and carrying the berries to your vehicle.

During raspberry season, you will park at the ends of the raspberry rows, under the direction of one of our supervisors.  Sorry…there are no tractor rides during raspberries!  The check-in and out booths are very close to the picking areas.