Strawberries: Get them before they are gone

We will have pick-your-own strawberries on Wednesday from 8-noon. The season is nearly over, but the berries are still plentiful and very tasty. The picking is unusually good for this late in the summer. Of course, you will have to be very selective in your picking at this time of year.

We will open again on Thursday from 8-12. Be advised that the berries will be very ripe and most suitable for jam. We will not have pre-picked on Thursday.

We will have pre-picked strawberries on Wednesday morning in our parking lot booth. Although the demand can exceed the supply at this time of year, we will strive to have a basket of berries for you through the morning hours. Do not expect more than a basket or two.

Our sugar snap and regular peas are also good for you to pick in the morning on Wednesday or Thursday.

We will plan to have a small picking of red raspberry shortly, but stay tuned for details as these plans will evolve over the next week.